Rainbow Tour

With soceity being more and more interested in the design and aesthetics of everything from their home, their outfits, and their pictures - people seem to be preoccupied with making everything look as best as possible. But part of the mission statement for The City I See is to be able to find beauty in the smallest and most unexpected things and places. That is why with the Rainbow Tour, people can make a beautiful collage of their memories while being able to appreciate the smaller things in life.


1. Find and photograph seven objects, one for each color of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)
2. Take a photo of each object
3. Assemble the photos into a collage
4. Upload to Facebook or instagram with #CityISee and #Rainbow Tour


About the Team

This guide was created by Jane Slaughter ('20) at Northeastern University. She created this guide in efforts to find a fun and colorful way to explore the city of Boston. With visuals in mind, she encourages others to find new and interesting places with unique things - while finding a fun way to save their memories and share them with others as well.