City I See - Snapchat

With technology being used more and more, social media platforms have become an important method for people to share and connect with others about their own personal lives - including the thigns that are important to them as well as their unique experiences. Snapchat is a platform where users can share small snippets of their daily lives with their friends. The City I See Snapchat Guide will go on to help further share experiences of others in the Boston Area so we can continue to learn about the unexpected joys and gems of Boston.


1. Add us on Snapchat: @cityisee_boston
2. Check our story throughout the day for prompts
3. Snap us back with your response
4. The pictures should be taken outdoors and challenge you to explore new areas of the city
5. No filters of text needed, any additional info can be sent via chat
6. Make sure to look to see if your response made our Story!


About the Team

This guide was created by Alyssa Villavicencio ('20) and Caroline Brady ('19) at Northeastern University. They are both combined majors with Marketing and Interactive Media, and both love to create things for people to use and improve their daily life. They felt that in roder to engage younger, college students with organizations like Everyday Boston it would be beneficial to create a social media platform that is successful in that target audience.