Make Your Mark on Boston

When living in a busy and bustling city like Boston, people often can walk by people and places in a rush - without every realizing what they could be missing. By setting up an interactive experience in a busy outdoor area, there could be something that will catch the attention of those on their daily commute. When prompted with what their Favorite parts of Boston are, and inviting them to "Make their Mark" on the paper - it will allow them to stop and realize that they can make an impact and impression with their personal Experiences.


1. Set up mural, post-it notes, sharpies, signs, flyers
2. Once people start to come to the mural and inquire about it, prompt participants to draw and/or write about their favorite aspect of their Boston neighborhoods or their favorite aspects of the Boston as a whole.
For example: "Hi! Feel free to join in and share your personal view of Boston. Draw and/or write about the diverse city that you live in. Take a post-it note and a sharpie to visually or poetically describe your view of Boston: from the perspective of your neighborhood or your favorite parts of the city. Stick your work on the mural and watch how our different stories come together in unison to create a unique, beautiful, and unexpected portrait of Boston. Take a flyer to learn more about CityISee and go to our Instagram page to view the final product."
3. Hand out post-it notes and sharpies for people to write or draw on. Participants should be encouraged to use as many post-it notes as they deem necessary.
4. After completing their pieces, the participants can place them on the mural.
5. After they are finished, the participants will receive a handout detailing CityISee as well as links to the CityISee social media platforms, such as Instagram, to see the final product.
6. Repeat the previous steps until the mural is full or until people stop coming by
7. Photograph the entire mural, then go in for close up shots of particularly interesting post-it notes to feature on Instagram.
8. Disassemble the mural and pack up supplies.


About the Team

This guide was created by Noelle Wong ('20) at Northeastern University. She created this guide in efforts to bring people from the community into a collaborative activty while sharing their favorite places, memories, and secrets about Boston. While adding their own personal touch, people will be able to engage in conversation and hopefully make connections with each other based on their similar, or perhaps different, experiences.